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Legal Entity

The Association of Social Media Professionals (ASMP) is an initiative of Association For Community Research and Action (ACRA), legally registered as a society under Societies Registration Act, 1860 of India. It is registered in New Delhi in 2009.

The main objective of the association is to bring the likeminded online community outside the virtual setting and give them an opportunity to meet offline and interact with each other to share insights to the social topics and trends engulfing the online world order. This will be one of a kind platform with groundbreaking speakers, professionals and key-note speakers sharing and discussing the year’s very best social media, public relations, advertising and marketing strategies around social media tools. The digital innovators will also be invited to showcase their cutting-edge technology and demonstrate how it can shape the future practices.

  • Secondary– As social media taken on an increasingly important role in business and development world the following will be the deliverable from the association for its stakeholders.
  • Policy advocacy– The grassroots level and other social organisations especially in Indian context has still not been able to fully utilize the potential of social media advocacy. The social media is an effective tool to communicate to the government and similar bodies and impact their strategies and policies framework. The association will work on a matrix to leverage social media to extract higher returns out of advocacy investment by advocacy organisations.
  • Best Practices– The open forum will give a window opportunity to budding digital practitioners to learn from the best social media experts of the world and also share their success stories and experiences.
  • Democratic Deliberation– The expert panel of association will consult with subject experts regularly to come up with recommendations in context of online discourse to use social platforms as catalyst for online, political and social deliberations and quality checks to assess its effectiveness.
  • Exchange of opinion in promoting healthy social media– Social media has always been accused of being biased than the traditional media. The forum will work to put efforts for incorporating more filters for authenticity and fact checking and ensuring that social media is seen as credible source of consuming information. The idea is to design a manuscript which acts as a compass to navigate potential of social media in community building process including economic, human and environmental indicators.