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  1. To Promote and contribute a responsible social media network amongst practitioners and stakeholders for holistic and positive social media ecosystem
  2. To Promote and support good social media practices to strengthen liberalism and democracy, support responsible and decentralized polity
  3. To Promote, support and contribute in good social media practices in inclusive development and good governance
  4. To Advocate balanced social media strategies, policies and initiatives at programme and policy level
  5. To Promote, support, contribute in result oriented primary and secondary research and analysis in social media applications and usage in above areas
  6. To Provide support and strengthen social media strategies and framework of institutions, organisations and public and private agencies towards optimal utilisation of social media resources for welfare and development causes
  7. To Work towards value added publications and documentations in social media activities that have relevance in promoting social integration, economic development, national growth and healthy democratic and responsible information and communication ecosystem.