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The online community- entrepreneurs, business owners, fundraisers, managers, influencers and strategic decision makers- interested in social networking and media innovations is a stakeholder and will add value to this initiative. The social media usage has increased in past several years with non-profits, trade associations, labour unions and civic groups and government offices in putting their work interest forward using technology. With the advent of affordable apps and improving internet connectivity the usage of social media is bound to witness multiplier effect. This will also reflect upswing in social media usage. Here are some prominent vehicles using social media-

  • Social media Organization- The organisations which are directly or indirectly reaching out to their target audience comes under Social media organisations.
  • Practitioner- Professionals who are into advisory, mentoring, strategy/execution and social media integration.
  • Evangelist- The social champions who use the power of social media to spread their messages.
  • Bloggers
  • Media Institution- includes film, television, radio and similar institution.
  • Journalism- News agencies using social media for news reporting having user subscription cost as business model.
  • Government- To disseminate the information related to government schemes and programs to the last mile beneficiaries.