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Sustainable Development can not take place in isolation. It needs people to connect, work together and create an interdependent environment. There is a need for a strong tool to connect people instantly to enable a free-flow of knowledge and information. The global network can influence the social, economic and political ecosystem in the world and contribute to the issues of development and growth.

Today, social media is seen as a platform to exercise our freedom of expression. It advances the fulfillment of this basic human right and is thus a key player to safeguard and protect the rights of a citizen to express freely. It is not just the freedom to expression but also the freedom to information which plays an important role in making social media free, liberal and democratic in nature.

One of the most powerful uses of social media is the ability to foster innovation. The exposure to the needs, desires, problems and opinions of a wide audience and the potential to connect and collaborate with a huge network can provide to be an invaluable source for new ideas and alternative ways of thinking. Social media allows people to be their own agents of change, to act in individual capacity.

Who We Are

ASMP is a community-based global platform to connect and collaborate with social media enthusiasts and development professionals to build shared knowledge, promote best practices, and advocate the positive impact of social media on development, innovation and freedom of expression.

Started in 2018, ASMP is working towards collaborating with 5 million change agents across the globe.


To Promote and contribute a responsible social media network amongst practitioners and stakeholders for holistic and positive social media ecosystem. To Promote and support good social media practices to strengthen liberalism and democracy, support responsible and decentralized polity. To Promote, support and contribute in good social media practices in inclusive development and good governance. To Advocate balanced social media strategies, policies and initiatives at programme and policy level. To Promote, support, contribute in result oriented primary and secondary research and analysis in social media applications and usage in above areas. To Provide support and strengthen social media strategies and framework of institutions, organisations and public and private agencies towards optimal utilisation of social media resources for welfare and development causes. To Work towards value added publications and documentations in social media activities that have relevance in promoting social integration, economic development, national growth and healthy democratic and responsible information and communication ecosystem.

The forum plans multiple digital activities, workshops and social media conferences mentored by the digital maven participating from across the globe. Some of the planned activities in near future under the ASMP umbrella are listed below

  • Social Media Week- Features top notch speakers and attendees to discuss mobile, open data, emerging media vehicles and digital culture.
  • Internet week and Public Participation
  • Web and Blog summit
  • Social Media World Summit
  • Social Media, Business and Development Summit
  • Startup Fest
  • Advertising, Outreach, PR, Advocacy, E-governance

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